Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Totally Doing That Again!

Currently in the middle of Singing Christmas Tree performances. Have four more this weekend and then it'll be over. again. I get kind of depressed afterwards. It's kind of a pain during the performances cos you're standing for ever, tired and losing your voice. Don't get me wrong! I love every bit of it! I know I do because when it's over I'm sad that it's over. If I wasn't sad about it I'd have to wonder if I actually enjoyed it. Then I'd have to rethink joining next year. What's the point in doing something you don't enjoy?

Point: I know I'm going to sing again next year!!

I'll have to find a good picture of us in the Tree to put up here, cos it's awesome!

Monday, September 27, 2010


This is what happens when I try to blog.
I don't write anything.
For months.

So here's me writing something. It's been almost a year since I created this blog. Many things have happened since then. Well not really. We got a big-ass TV. Kids Camp went well. My fish died. I'm moving out again. My neck is fixed (never thought it was bad). DW Series 5 was great! I'm singing in the Tree again this year and got my mum to join! I'm going to be leading the Kids Choir at church. Mum and I are going through JAG again. hehehe! Today is my last violin lesson with David. Just bought $25 iTunes credit.


So ya, lame blog, but now you can't tell me I don't blog. ^__^ Maybe next one will be more interesting.

or not.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Driving through Idaho

Well, here's one picture. I'll put more up later, but i thought it would be easier/faster to put them on face book. The library here closes in 5 minutes. Free tho! I can add more in the same album later.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Birds are awesome to shoot!

I meant with my camera!! Sheesh!
I've been playing with my new camera and lens this week and yesterday Mum found some cute little birds in our back yard! These were taken from inside Kim's room. Nice zoom! There's a few more but these are the best.

Have to say, that last one is just awesome! Totally by accident.
When I go off on my trip to Wyoming, there will be more pretty pictures to put up here.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

>_> yes it's always like that.

HAHA! This is my hair in the morning people.

(pic from next week's Doctor Who episode.)

Man, I love this show! Matt cracks me up so much!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Don't You Just Love Graph Paper?!

When I was a kid, I didn't draw flowers, ponies and rainbows... well I did... but that was like, 7. I mean later at around 12. I loved to draw starships! It was fun making up my own class of ship, but it was just as fun working off an existing one, but the causer would be more stylized or the nacelles longer. I had a whole little yellow, "quad ruled" notebook full of them. I loved the way the lines flowed through the little squares of the graph paper, pretty curves on the ships' body, the little details that made the ship look like it was really being used on the show. (I knew they weren't REAL real.) But everything was very symmetrically pretty! I even worked on a little ship that I would pretend I flew around in. It was sleek and arrow dynamic; looked like a racer with Starfleet stripes and lights. When I was finished with one, I'd make up rooms inside like a proper ship, complete with a practically designed bridge that had access to every part of the ship, some quarters, mess, transporter room, engineering... I probably still have that book around here somewhere. *rummage rummage* LOL! Ya, here's a few nice ones.
click to enlarge

It's fascinating to look back on these and remember good times and my fun ideas I was able to capture on paper.. *Sigh* Well.. I'm older now and have outgrown all that.

Wait... what's this?

Yes. It's the inside of a TARDIS. Apparently I'm still 12.
I just can't keep it in my head! Must! Draw! On! Shiny! Graph Paper!!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Does this make me a song writer, editor and publisher?

Good Grief! I've just made me first movie! and it's not even a movie... really. I wrote some lyrics for this new song I got that sounded like it needed some lyrics. And then i was trying to decide how I should put them up here. Just the words was gunna be boring, and blogger won't let you upload just mp3s... so got out GarageBand and iMove on my Mac and BOOM! (well not so much exploding... took a while cos i had no idea what i was doing.) Anyway here it is and the words. (please ignore the creaking chair in the background. ^__^)

Composed by Helen Jane Long
Lyrics by Jeni Brown

Hold the light up so I can see clearly the things
Surrounding me, too far to see.
Hold the light up so I can see clearly and
Through the tears you cry for me.

Wind is cool and fast, steady my feet to
Find that moment my mind can not see.
Rain comes down so soft and even and
Through the tears you cry for me.

Don’t cry for me.

Ut Devum! Falling up I dream for seeing
All I am. And the star we reach for is something
To the Sky! In a moment there’s love shining
In your eye. And you can’t let go.

Hold me close to your heart as I search for the things
Surrounding me, too far to see.
Hold me here and try not to let go for you
Lend me breathe, my sweet release.

Ut Devum! Falling up I dream for knowing
All I am. And the stars we reach for are everything
To the Sky! In a moment there’s love. But I can’t
Say Goodbye. And I can’t let go.


Ut Devum! Flying up you sing of knowing
All I am. And the stars that we hold are falling
To the Sky! For that moment there’s love shining
In your eyes. And we’ll never let go.

(Right... well, forgot a couple lines at the beginning there, but i'm not going back to change it because i just did another one with two parts and it's cooler. mp3 only sorry. I'm just saying in case you're wondering.)


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Found this while looking for images of kids eating snacks for a nursery sign. Even Starfleet officers need their cheese and crackers.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Updating is Overrated

I just updated my Facebook and realize i should do that more often. It appears i haven't edited my personal into since the movie Prince Caspian came out. My flair is good tho. Apparently humor more important than facts. It's also been over a month since i wrote a blog. Sad.

Anyway... this is me writing another post instead of working. But it must be done! Just like my illustrations should be done. Here's a look at one now... *waves hands in direction of picture* Now to finish them. ^__^