Friday, May 14, 2010

Don't You Just Love Graph Paper?!

When I was a kid, I didn't draw flowers, ponies and rainbows... well I did... but that was like, 7. I mean later at around 12. I loved to draw starships! It was fun making up my own class of ship, but it was just as fun working off an existing one, but the causer would be more stylized or the nacelles longer. I had a whole little yellow, "quad ruled" notebook full of them. I loved the way the lines flowed through the little squares of the graph paper, pretty curves on the ships' body, the little details that made the ship look like it was really being used on the show. (I knew they weren't REAL real.) But everything was very symmetrically pretty! I even worked on a little ship that I would pretend I flew around in. It was sleek and arrow dynamic; looked like a racer with Starfleet stripes and lights. When I was finished with one, I'd make up rooms inside like a proper ship, complete with a practically designed bridge that had access to every part of the ship, some quarters, mess, transporter room, engineering... I probably still have that book around here somewhere. *rummage rummage* LOL! Ya, here's a few nice ones.
click to enlarge

It's fascinating to look back on these and remember good times and my fun ideas I was able to capture on paper.. *Sigh* Well.. I'm older now and have outgrown all that.

Wait... what's this?

Yes. It's the inside of a TARDIS. Apparently I'm still 12.
I just can't keep it in my head! Must! Draw! On! Shiny! Graph Paper!!