Monday, September 27, 2010


This is what happens when I try to blog.
I don't write anything.
For months.

So here's me writing something. It's been almost a year since I created this blog. Many things have happened since then. Well not really. We got a big-ass TV. Kids Camp went well. My fish died. I'm moving out again. My neck is fixed (never thought it was bad). DW Series 5 was great! I'm singing in the Tree again this year and got my mum to join! I'm going to be leading the Kids Choir at church. Mum and I are going through JAG again. hehehe! Today is my last violin lesson with David. Just bought $25 iTunes credit.


So ya, lame blog, but now you can't tell me I don't blog. ^__^ Maybe next one will be more interesting.

or not.