Sunday, November 8, 2009

stars can be gold

I had a hard time picking a name for this blog, especially since I don't really blog and have failed in two attempts at one. So this time it's like, third times a charm or whatever. Better make it a good one! Pressure. I kept telling myself, the name doesn't have to relate to everything you write about. It's not the title of a book and can be as random as "Chizping." And yes, I had considered that one. But I also wanted it to be slightly relevant to me. Not what I am — "A Designer's Blog, by jenib." And not what I like — "fangirlofeverythingtrek"? eh, no. "Jellybaby from Mallowpia"? wtc.

Ok getting ridiculous. A serious name isn't relevant to me either since I'm anything but serious (I can be kind of immature actually). I'm usually just quite happy and playful, daydreaming in my own little world, wishing some things could be different. Ya know, like war, famine, Fox, Jack's beard... the usual.

So maybe everyone has their own little daydream they like to go to. I am indeed a fan of Sci-Fi and enjoy looking at the stars, trying to imagine how far they all are from our own star. ...that's the Sun. They remind me that there's something bigger out there, that God is bigger than war and famine and yes, even Fox. And someday, I'll get to see it all. That's what I'm going to do when He comes back (or when I die, whichever comes first). I'm going to see the universe and find a golden star.


  1. Fox! Curse you and and your sudden but inevitable betrayal!

  2. :) i like this a lot ... and i like you a lot. and i'm now officially stalking you on blogger. hehe...